Car-Skin-Tattoo Flower 115 x 100 mm

Car-Skin-Tattoo Flower  
115 x 100 mm

Apply these new kind of tattoo on surface through rubing by a squeegee or check card. Missing borders create the impression that tattoo is lacquered.

The composition of 6 kinds of ink together with a protecting ground coat granted unique shine and acuity of motive!
All stickers are weather-proof, as well as petrol- and carwash-proof!

Size of sheet: 115 x 100 mm

Size of motive: 
85 x 85 mm

After application of tattoo, for example on the sheet of car, the felt diameter is tenfold less than conventional stickers.
Therefore tattoo stays clean, because it doesn´t takes any dust or muck at the borders, not even after considerable time.  

Assembly instruction:
Clean basis, remove protection paper, apply tattoo through moving squeegee or check card from left to right and top-down. Use it like a rubber.
Please be careful and make sure that transfer of motive is complete. 
Afterwards imprint motive with dry towel again.

Car-Skin-Tattoo is completely abrasion-proof. If you want to change tattoo, srub motive with moist towel and solvent.
Rinse with clear water - ready!

Car-Skin-Tattoos are available in different designs and sizes at our shop.

All articles are available online.

  • Car-Skin-Tattoo Flower
  • Size of motive: 85 x 85 mm
  • Weather-and carwash-proof!
  • Missing borders create the impression that tattoo is lacquered!
  • Car-Skin-Tattoo is completely abrasion-proof!

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