Design-styling-film alu brushed 465 x 310 mm

Design-styling film alu brushed
465 x 310 mm

High-quality self-adhesive special foil for the invidual glare of the center console and shelves.

For outside applications useable on side mirrors, bumpers, door handles or fuel caps.

Simple cutting and mounting.

Apart from the optical improvement you protect your vehicle against ugly scratches.

Individual useable.

Vehicle-design for exclusive ideas!

Instruction sheet:
You need following mounting accessoires:
Sharp paper knife, rubber squeegee, possivly scissors and hairdryer, water with some drops of dish liquid.

1. The adhesion should be taken at a temparature of  the vehicle of at least +18°C. Douring the cold season the bonding can only be taken in a romm with the aforementioned temparature. This even if the surface of the vehicle has adopted the room temperature.
2. All sheet metal parts, on which the foil will be glued on, first have to be cleaned thoroughly. If necessary, use spirit or pure alcohol therefor. All edges and - if necessary - the fuel cap clean very well.
3. All parts can be adhesed dry or wet. In case of a wet-adhesion the surfaces to be glued have to get damped. Therefor use the water with a little bit  dish liquid. Lay the material removed from the anti-adhesive paper at the wet surface. Because of the wet underground you are now able to take corrections, until the part is placed right. After that push with help of a squeegee the water from inside to outside. The final strength will be achieved in 12 to 24 hours.
4. Door cracks and und wing edges will be pasted over and by hindsight with a sharp knife or a razor blade cut through. The edge surface possibly with a hair dryer heaten and ben over or cut them flush to the edge. Possibly accrued air blowings can be dotted twice with a needle, then the foil can be pressed on.
5. Attention! In case of improper processing occures no substitution power.

Styling-Folien are available in our shop in different designs and sizes.
All articles are available online.

  • Design-styling-film alu brushed
  • 1 sheet 465 x 310 mm
  • For the invidual glare of the center console and shelves.
  • Useable inside and outside!
  • Simple cutting and mounting.

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