NEW - Rimblades with 3M glue - Singlepack - colour: silver - Premium rim protection and styling for alloy wheel rims up to 22''

Rimblades - Premium rim protection and styling for alloy wheel rims
Colour: silver

9 mm x 1,85 m

The innovation in Germany from Great Britain!

Singlepack for 1 rim up to 22''!

A must-have for all tuning-fans. The Rimblades grant your car an exclusive look and create it to a real eye-catcher!

The Rimblades provide optimal protection against scratches on the bead of rim (e. g.. by kerbstones).

Besides they suit fabolous for capping of scratches.

The Rimblades very easy to mount, because they consist of a flexible rubber compound and so they fit optimal along the bead of rim. No additional mounting tools necessary!

The wheels must not be removed and no air must be blowed off.

Sportive look, because the Rimblades finish perfect with the bead of rim and don`t overlap.

High-quality 3M-adhesive guarantees strong footing!

Rimblades are weatherproof and car wash-resistant!

Noble design in different colours.

Mounting instructions:

Thereby the 3M-adhesive can develop its optimal adhesive power, a processing temperature of at least 20°C is necessary.

After 72 hours the adhesive power of 100% is reached.

- Clean well the surface which will be glued on with the alcohol wipes provided.
- Using the primer provided, coat the wheel rim surface whre the Rimblades will fit to the wheels and let it dry about 5 minutes.
- Glue the Rimblades on the rim.

In the first 24 hours after mounting do not exceed 65 km/h!
The Rimblades are not appropriated for cleaning with a high-pressure cleaner!

Detailed instruction sheet at the Webside

Rimblades are available in our shop in different colours.
All products are available online.

  • Rimblades - Premium rim protection and styling for alloy wheel rims
  • Size: 9 mm x 1,85 m, Colour: silver, singlepack for 1 rim up to 22''!
  • A must-have for all tuning-fans. The Rimblades grant your car an exclusive sportive look and create it to a real euye-catcher!
  • Weatherproof and car wash-resistant! Easy mounting, no additional mounting tools necesary!
  • The Rimblades provide optimal protection against scrathes and cap existing scratches fabolous!

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