Mibenco liquid film glossy black (consisting of 4 tins 400ml each tin) ...also for car body

Liquid film "Mibenco" black glossy

set consisting of 4 tins


Mibenco liquid film - Set including fan mask and cleaning cloth

black glossy - 400 ml each tin

discription in general:
liquid film, black, glossy look and protection for rims.

available by set , consisting of:
- 4 x 400 ml Mibenco liquid film spray can enough for 4 rims (viewing range) and possibilities for spot repair
- fan mask
- cleaning cloth for rims

Product features:
- new look
- protection
- water - resistant (car wash)
- long-lasting
- removable

Application range:
For the coating of rims, for bonnets, bumpers or similar as well.

- benefit set: 4 tins for 4 rims
- fan mask: easy and plain using
- waterproof (car wash)
- cleaning with pressure washer is possible
- NO further materials
- TÜV checked (thus no damages to wheels and vents)




Surface has to be clean of separative substance.
Processing temperature about  20 degrees (68° F).

4 steps to the result:
1. Shake the tin before using.
2. Insert the fan mask into the rim.
3. Spray it regularly in a crossed way by a distance about 15 cm.
4. Apply 3 layers, each layer has to dry about 5 minutes. Remove the fan mask before the liquid film is dry.


-entire drying time about 60 minutes

-the setting of the liquid film has to be about 1 week before the first car wash

We advise to try the covering power on a small surface before use.

Technique product specifications:

- temperature resistance: from -30 to +80 degrees ( from -22° F to 176° F)
- weather- and UV-proof: 3-5 years 
- resistant against: salts , acids, oils and fats 
- silicone-free
- 2 spray tins are required per m² - surface  ( layer coat: 0,2 mm)

  • Liquid film Mibenco black glossy, also for car body
  • 4 tins can enough for 4 rims, set inclusive fan mask and cleaning tissu for rims.
  • New look and protection for rims, appropiated for high-pressure cleaner and car wash.
  • For coating of rims, also for bonnets, bumpers or similar, long-lasting and residue-free removable.
  • TÜV tested (thereby no damages at wheels or vents)!

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