SOLUTIONS2GO Selfie-Stick for Smartphones universal black

Selfie-Stick for Smartphones universal
Colour: black

General description:

- monopod for all current smartphones with phone jack, thereby no conspicuous synchronisation by connection setup via BlueTooth

in colour black

- suitable for smartphones up to 70 mm breadth

- able to minimize by slip-on rubber cap to 50 mm

- telescope extension 23 - 105 cm

rubberised handhold

- activator in handholder, thereby simple handling

- 360° rotable, 180° tiltable

- weight: 169 g, loading capacity: 450 g

Finally, with these Selfie Monopod it is easy to make great self-portraits or movies of yourself. Simply attach your mobile phone to the universal holder, expand the telescope monopod, connect the spiral cable to your headset port and you're ready to go. Thanks to the integrated trigger functionality you can remote control your mobile phone.

Important note (only for Android user):
The press on the shutter key emulates a press on the "volume up" key on your mobile phone. Therefore you have to make sure, that in the settings of the camera app settings must be made for using the volume kay as shutter key. On some mobile phones this works out of the box, in others you can change this setting in the standard camera app.
If you cannot make this in your standard camera app, you need to install an additional one in which these can be done; for example the camera 360 app, which can be downloaded for free in the play store.

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  • Selfie-Stick for Smartphones universal, black
  • Adjustable Smartphone holder with remote-control release.
  • Telescope extension 23 - 105 cm, tiltability of holder up to 180°, 360° rotable
  • Weight 169 g, loading capacity: 450 g
  • Activator in handholder.

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