Airgel car air freshener Brise Car flavor: Festival in Capri - Brise by Glade

Airgel car air freshener "Brise Car" • Original license product by Brise

World market leader of air fresheners for living rooms! With exclusive design!

Air freshener "Festival in Capri" with the fragrant notes of:

- capri lime

- green apple

- mandarin



Product features:
- exclusive cosmetics-design

- newest gel technology

- hard crystal-gel stays constant during the life span of the product

- good absorption power and continious flavor delivery

- with high-quality scents

- no leakage!

- long-lived!

- incl. fixation clip for simple mounting at the ventilation grille!

Remove the gel covering foil.

Fix the clip horizontal or vertical at the backside.

Replace Brise Car Gel at the grille of the ventilation.

  • Airgel car air freshener "Brise Car", flavor: Festival in Capri
  • Original license product of Brise
  • Hard crystal-gel, stays constant during the life span of the product.
  • Continous flavor delivery.
  • Long-lived!

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