Car-window-film and windscreen strips montage-kit 8 pieces

Car-window-film and windscreen strips montage-kit, 8 pieces
8 tools for professional assembly

Set constisting of: 

- with exchangeable blade
High quality tool with long antiskid metal handhold and extremely sharp blades!

- antiskid and warp resistant
Perfect grade of flexibility, to apply foils on glas surface with professional result.

Glas scraper
- for thorough cleaning of panes (convenient, powerful, efficient)
Attention: Turn blade in scraper for using!

- to detach carrier foil 
Easy and gentle separation of carrier foil from window film!

Spray bottle
- convenient bottle with fine blast pipe
Especially fine spray mist through high quality, black spray nozzle with fine blast pipe!

- firm plastic handle / flexible lip
Flexible lip makes individual graduated pressure on glas surface possible!

- special pen for marking - easy to dust off
Professional marking leaves clear line on foilmaterial and is easy to dust off afterwards!

Microfuse cleaning rag
- about 20 x 20 cm - for thoroughly cleaning
Micro cleaning effect cleans glas surface more thorough as accepted household rags!

Also usable in household!
For example bonding of windows of buildings, cleaning of class, mounting of stickers, ...

Pro-tool for best results:
- Professionel in appplication
- Safety and clean in result

  • Car-window-film and windscreen strips montage-kit
  • 8 tools for professional assembly
  • Set constisting of: cutter, squeegee, glas-scraper, handytape, spray bottle, vinyl-wiper, foils-marker, microfuse cleaning rag
  • also for using in household!
  • Prof-tool for better results

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