Design number plate frame black 1 piece

Design number plate frame black
1 number plate frame

General description:

Exclusive design number plate frame.

Size: 52 x 11 cm (Standard size Europe)

Simple mounting; inclusive instruction sheet!

Also appropriated for bumpers a little bit bent!

Base material of high-quality, UV resistant plastic.

Care label:
Dull places or water borders impair the optic of the amplifier. Please dry the surface of the amplifier after the cleaning process with a soft cotton tissue.
Please don't use sharp objects or liquids for removing of dirt particles!

Instruction sheet

1. Choose the suitable punching for your vehicle and attach the base plate with the screws, which are suitable for your car (not provided).

2. Place the number plate bent slighty under the margins of the base plate.

3. Push the plate flat under the upper border until it locks on the bottom. The upper black border will be covered completely by the border of the base plate.

4. Snap the cleat into the knack hinges of the base plate (about 45 degree position).

5. Then press the cleat fixed from outside to inside until it's locked completely.

6. The dissmantling occurs in reverse order: lift cleat with a rotation of the screwdriver left and right until the clip locks sovle. Fold down the cleat (touch left and right).

7. Press the number plate below the upper border against the base plate and push it down. Althoug grab behind the number plate in the scheduled openings of the base plate and remove to the front.

Number plate frames are available in our shop in different performances.
All articles are available online.

  • Exclusive number plate frame black!
  • 1 number plate frame
  • For number plate-size: 52 x 11 cm (standard-size for Europe).
  • Also appropriated for bumpers a little bit bent.
  • Base material of high-quality, UV resistant plastic.

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