Sticker Italy-Stripe Italy-Design 5 m x 60 mm

Sticker "Italy-Stripe"!
Stripes in italy-design!

5 stripes à 980 x 60 mm in italy-design!

In total: 5 m length

Give your car an individual look!

It constists of a white high-quality PVC foil printed in silkscreen.

All stickers are weatherproof as well as gas- and carwashproof!


Stripes are available in different colors and sizes in our shop.

All articles are available online.

  • Sticker "Italy-Stripe"
  • 5 stripes à 980 x 60 mm
  • In italy-design!
  • PVC foil printed in high-quality silkscreen!
  • Weather- and carwashproof!

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