Car-Bikini set of 2 chequered flag

Car-Bikini Set of 2
Chequered flag

Set for right and left exterior mirror in size M.

Suitable for all current automotive mirrors!

Just cover your exterior mirrors and go!

With approval for road service!

Also appropriated to speed of more than 250 km/h!

For safety mounting of the mFLAX please take care of the instruction sheet and the automotive table and tips (included in the packaging and at 

Please take care of the following notes for using the mFLAX:
1. The unrestricted visual field of the mirror surface.
2. The guarantee of the possibility of adjustability of the mirrors.
3. The direction indicators have to be free.
4. An exterior mirror with relieved holding arm.

Remove the mFLAX at car wash off the mirrors.

Car-Bikinis are available in different performances at our shop.
All articles are available online.

  • Car-Bikini Chequered flag
  • Set of 2 (right/left)
  • Suitable for all current automotive mirrors.
  • With approval for road service
  • Also appropriated to speed of more than 250 km/h!

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