Sticker Hibiscus Flower Set Dimension 3 pieces pink/silver

Sticker Hibiscus Flower Set, Dimension

pink / silver

Size of sheet: 105 x 105 mm


Description in general:

High quality transparent PCV-film, in silk-screen-printing.

Thus all stickers are weather-proof, as well as petrol- and carwash-proof!

3 motives per sheet

All motives are punched, therefore it is possible to affix them separately!

Film is printed onesided!

Scratchproof and high flexibility because of artificial resin!

Non-fading ( no yellowing!)

Selfsticking, extremely firm because of special glue.  

One sheet contains following motives:

1 blossom  45 x 45 mm

2 blossoms 35 x 35 mm


Our stickers afford not just lots of opportunities to elegantize the car. 
It´s also possible to print "Hibiscus Flowers" on handys, laptops, tablets or just somewhere at your home in order to feel comfortable.


Sticker Hibiscus Flower are available in different designs and sizes at our shop.

All articles are available online.

  • Sticker Hibiscus Flower Set
  • 3 motives per sheet! Please notice the size of motves in the article description!
  • Dimension-Look
  • Scratchproof and high flexibility because of artificial resin!
  • Weather- and carwash-proof!

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