Sticker car-tattoo eagle

Sticker car-tattoo "eagle"

The kick for your rear- or side windows!
 Also for car body!

General description:

High-quality PVC - foil in silver.

Noble design in applikation look (free standing).

All stickers are weather-proof, petrol- and car wash-resistant!

Size of sheet: 140 x 100 mm

Size of motive: 95 x
 110 mm

Instruction sheet:
Clean surface to laminate dust- and greaseless. Subtract the protection foil.
Prepare the
desired position with the sticker and press bit by bit. Silmultaneous rub or squeeze by hand or  a rubber-/plastic-squeegee down and to the sides. Thus  air pockets will be avoided.
Application-tape (supporting film) subtract slowly now.
Optional a wet bonding is possible (application-tape kann be subtracted after about 24 hours drying time).

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  • Sticker car-tattoo "eagle"
  • Size motive: 95 x 110 mm
  • The kick for your rear- or side windows!
  • In applikation look (free standing)!
  • Weather-and carwashproof!

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