Car-Tattoo Spider 1.160 x 470 mm black

Car-Tattoo Spider

General description:

High-quality black application foil.

Noble design, applicated (free standing).

All stickers are weather-proof, petrol- and UV-resistant!

Size sheet: 2 pieces à 485 mm x 450 mm; 1 piece à 485 x 290 mm

Size motive: 1.160 mm x
 470 mm

Instruction sheet
Clean the surface, which will be glued dust- greaseless. Subtract the anti-adhesive paper.
On the desired glue position fix the sticker and press on by and by. At the same time with the hand or a gum-/plastic-squeegee rub the sticker. In case of that, air bubbles will be avoided.
Subtract the anti-adhesive foil slowly now.
Optional it's possible to take a wet bonding (application-tape can be subtracted after about 24 hours drying time).
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  • Car-Tattoo Spider, black
  • Size sheet: 2 pieces à 485 x 450 mm, 1 piece à 485 x 290 mm; size motive: 1160 x 470 mm
  • Motive is applicated (free standing)!
  • High-quality black application foil'
  • Weather- and car wash-proof!

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