Car Deco-Stripe red 7 mm x 10 m

Car "Deco-Stripe" red
for ennoblement of car

7 mm x 10 m

Discription in general:

- Deco-Stripe in color red

- Size: 7 mm x 10 m

- Fully through-colored (Front- and backside is corresponding with coloring!)

- High-quality, flexible foil!

- Self-sticking!

- Weather- and carwashproof!

Stripes are available in different colors and sizes in our shop.

All articles are available online.

  • Car "Deco-Stripe" red
  • 7 mm x 10 m
  • Fully through-colored (Front-and backside is corresponding with coloring)
  • Weather- and carwashproof
  • Self-sticking

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