3D-relief-chrome-special sign

3D-relief-chrome-special sign

General description:

Plastic poured chrome anodized 3D-special sign!

Weather-proof, petrol- and car wash-resistant!

4 pieces, size:
line: 20 x 3 mm
3 points each 6 mm Ø


For mounting inside and outside of the vehicle appropriate!

3D-relief-chrome-letters and -numbers are available from A - Z, 0 - 9 and as different signs at our shop.
All articles are available online.

  • 3D-relief-chrome-special sign
  • 4 pieces, size: line 20 x 3 mm, 3 points each 6 mm Ø
  • Plastic poured, chrome anodized 3D-special sign.
  • Weatherproof, petrol-and car wash-resistant!
  • Appropriated for inside and outside.

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