Sticker mirror- and car-tattoo eyes

Sticker mirror- and car-tattoo "eyes"

This is the kick for your interior and exterior mirrors, rear and side windows!
 Also for car body!

General description:

High-quality PVC foil silver coloured.

Noble design in the application look (free standing).

All stickers are weather-proof, petrol- and car wash-resistant!

Size sheet: 100 x 130 mm

Size motive: each 30 x 100
 mm (2 pieces)

Instruction sheet
1. Before glueing on clean well the surface.
2. Subtract the protection foil.
3. Position the tattoo at the desired place.
4. Rub with a soft tissue or squeezee, thereby the tattoo resolves from the anti-adhesive paper.
5. Subtract the anti-adhesive paper - ready!

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The stickers mirror- and car-tattoo are available in different motives at our shop.
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  • Sticker mirror- and car-tattoo "eyes">
  • Size sheet: 100 x 130 mm, size motive: each 30 x 100 mm (2 pieces)
  • This is the kick for your interior and exterior mirrors, rear and side windows!
  • In the application look (free standing)!
  • Weather- and car wash-proof!

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