Car-window-film Jet Black 76 x 300 cm

Car-window-film "Jet Black"
76 x 300 cm  •  Complete set for vehicles with oversizing (e. g. Van)

6 % light permeability!


General description:

Car-window-film set Jet Black

Size: 76 x 300 cm
Complete set for vehicles with oversizing (e. g. Van).

Useable for all types of vehicle
, flat background necessary.

MOT free with ABG 
(please observe the legal regulations in your country).

Inclusive knife and squeegee

UV transmission: 0,5 %
Solar energy absorbed: 59 %
Light permeability: 6 %

2-layered high-quality car-sun protection film of polyester, for highest quality standards.

High-quality pressure-sensitive adhesive system (water activatable) with integrated UV-absorber for best long-life stability.

By extensive tests by the Rheinisch-Westfälischer TÜV and the department of material control a MOT licence is available and there's no additional registration necessary!

Instruction sheet:
1. Clean the inside of the windows well with alcohol. Especially the edges. In case of persistant dirt use a razor blade.
2. Now lay the film at the inside of the window, so that the transparent protective sheet lies over the particular window. Cut the film corresponding of the windows to be glued, so that 1 cm overlaps all around.
3. Remove the transparent protective sheet of the sun protection film, by affixing an adhesive tape on each side. Now you can separate the films easier from each other.
4. Spray the adhesive layer of the film and the inside of the window ample with a water-dish liquid-dissolution.
5. Mount the on the adhesive side wet film on the window and angle it.
6. Spray the mounted film again with the water-dish liquid-dissolution.
7. Spread now, with the aid of the squeegee, the water-dish liquid-dissolution under the film outside up to the edges. Thereby you avoid the creation of air bubbles.
8. Cut the overlaped film with the aid of a ruler and the including knifeSchneiden There must be a revolving border of ca. 1 mm between film and window border strip. After the exactly cutting spray the sun protection film again and squeege like in step 7. After that rub down with a fuzz-free tissue or non-woven, especially in the edges.

The number of the operation licence is printed on the lower border of the film. Don't cut it!
Second exterior mirror needed.

Instruction sheet/ video at

Our car-window- and sun protection-films have the characteristic to shield light, warmth and UV radiatiopn effectively.
Depending upon structure of material the rejection and filter values differ (extremely high thermal protection).
All films are MOT free (ABG being attached) and for all usual motor vehicle types for rear and rear side windows as well as glare shield for the windshields applicable (please observe the legal regulations in your country).
All products are available online.

  • Car-window-film Jet Black
  • Size: 76 x 300 cm
  • Complete set for vehicles with oversizing (e. g. Van), flat background necessary
  • MOT free with ABG (please observe the legal regulations in your country). Inklusive knife and squeegee.
  • UV transmission: 0,5 %, solar energy absorbed: 59 %, light permeability: 6 %

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