Film Sun Child statically adherent motive: snake 335 x 490 mm

Film "Sun Child", statically adherent
Motive: snake

Removeable adhesive foil with funny pictures!
Finally a meaningful alternative to sun shield with aspirator!

General description:

Size: 335 x 490 mm
Size motive: ca. 250 x 250 mm

Adherent film! Re-usable because the foil is without adhesives.

Absolutely sun protection, UV-radiation is absorbed; minimal light permeability, because of high tinting.

Easy cutting to your individual window size, simple mounting.

The window is with applied motive lowerable.

Also appropriated for windows of buildings (single glazing).

The film has to be glued on the inside of the window.

Instruction sheet:
Wet mounting:
- Clean well the rear side windows with window cleaner.
- Spray the window with a dessolution of water and a bit soap as sheet of drift.
- Position the climate film at the desired place.
- Then wipe the surplus water with a squeegee or tissue.

Dry mounting:
- In case of dry mounting just clean well the window.
- Position the climate film.
- Then grind with a squeegee or tissue.

Don't throw away! The film is consistently reusable.

The adhesive films for reas side windows are available in our shop with different motives.
All products are available online.


  • Film "Sund Child", statically adherent, motive: snake
  • Size: 335 x 490 mm; size motive: 250 x 250 mm
  • For rear side windows!
  • UV-radiation is absorbed; minimal light permeability!
  • Adherent! Simple mounting!

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