Sticker 3D-ripped torn bullet hole 300 x 300 mm motive red devil

Sticker 3D ripped bullet hole, 300 x 300 mm,
motive red devil

General Description:

Ripped bullet hole of high quality transparent PVC-film, in silk-screen-printing

Thus all stickers are weather-proof, as well as petrol- and carwash-proof!

Size of sheet: 310 x 310 mm

Size of motive: ca. 275 x 220 mm

Motive in hot punching outline (no edges visible)

Punched-Shoot-Holes are available in different motives at our shop.
Furthermore we have got different sorts of punshed-shoot-holes in our assortment. ( sizes: 170 mm, 90 mm / also a smaller set of two)

All articles are available online.

  • Sticker 3D ripped bullet hole, 300 x 300 mm, motive red devil
  • Size of motive: about 155 x 290 mm
  • Size of sheet: about 310 x 310 mm
  • Hot punching outline (no edges visible)
  • Weather-and carwash-proof!

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