Baseball Mesh Cap set of 10 black/white

Baseball Mesh Cap, set of 10

Set of 10, excellent suitable for advertising imprints/embroideries!

Cool Baseball-Cap in 5-Panel-Style with mesh for maximum ventilation!

Unisex and uni-size, fits to everyone, individual adjustable closure!

Frontpanel of poly foam!

Solid shield with 6 fancy seams protects optimal against solar radiation!

Soft hatband for comfortable fitting!

General desciption:

  • Baseball Mesh Cap, set of 10
  • Colour: black/white, colour-sorted
  • Excellent suitable for advertising imprints/embroideries!
  • Uni-size, fits to everyone, individual adjustable closure!
  • Cap with mesh for maximum ventilation, Frontpanel of poly foam, soft hatband for comfortable fitting!

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