Car-Underline 3D decoration Part V

Car-Underline 3D decoration Part V

High-quality 3-dimensional relief chrome tattoo!

Poured plastic and chrome anodized!

Weather-proof, petrol- and car wash-resistant!

2 pieces!


1 motive 110 x 40 x 5 mm
1 motive 95 x 25 x 5 mm

The little different trinket!

Suitable for mounting inside and outside of the vehicle!

Instruction sheet
1. Clean the surface to be glued thoroughly from dirt, oil, wax, etc.
2. Mark the borders f. e. with adhesive tape, thus you can align the motive with it.
3. Remove the protection foil of the motive an glue it along the mark (point 2).
4. Remove the marking foil.
5. Press the motive hard on its final place.

The first 24 hours after application the car may not be washed!

Car-Underline 3D decorations are available in different performances at our shop.
All articles are available online.

  • Car-Underline 3D decoration Part V
  • 2 pieces
  • Weatherproof, petrol-and car wash-resistant!
  • Poured plastic and chrome anodized!
  • Selfsticking!

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